Siemens Carat

Flexibility meets a new dimension of hearing.

Siemens Carat

Flexibility meets a new dimension of hearing

Discreet, compact and easy-to-handle: the new Carat™ provides you with an exceptional binaural listening experience and with longer battery life. Carat’s design is balanced and compact, equipped with many advanced features. It is available in a range of natural colors to match a variety of hair and skin tones for discreet wearing.

General Features

  • Experience hearing aids that solve the two most common complaints of wearers

    Carat solves the two most common complaints of hearing aid wearers thanks to the latest version of BestSound™ Technology — hearing speech in noisy environments like cocktail parties, restaurants, and in wind. Two independent clinical studies have proven you may even be able to hear better than people with normal hearing in especially difficult listening situations, like parties and restaurants.* This world’s first advancement is a revolution in audiological engineering and delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility. This cutting-edge tech delivers the most natural binaural listening experience possible to help you localize sound sources, maintain spatial orientation, and understand speech better. So now you can go bike riding, play golf, and enjoy dinner out with your friends — with the confidence that you’ll hear every word.

    Binaural listening. High definition sound

    As a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, Carat’s receiver sits in the ear canal, enabling a high level of amplification in a tiny housing that provides exceptional wearing comfort. Carat is available in two versions to meet almost every wearing need and preference. Carat are rechargeable hearing aids and offers supreme control and connectivity, allowing you to discreetly adjust your hearing aid settings and letting you connect to a variety of audio sources, including TV, smartphones, and your favorite apps, like Google Maps or FaceTime. Accessories like the easyTek™, the easyTek™ App and the touchControl™ App allow for an extra level of convenience and discretion.

    While Carat A models are Direct Audio Input (DAI)-ready to connect to FM systems that stream sound directly into your ears. Enjoy the sound of life — fully, flexibly, and in every facet.

  • A superior binaural listening experience Advanced Siemens BestSound™ Technology Directional microphones to help you to focus on conversation Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control Telecoil for connection and transmission of speech directly into your ears in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus Conveniently rechargeable for hassle-free handling. Change batteries once a year instead of once a week IP67-rated* Carat is resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt Rocker switch for program or volume adjustments Direct Audio Input option for Carat A models
  • Siemens Carat hearing aids — discretion, comfort, and flexibility

    Our new Carat hearing aids provide a high level of amplification in a tiny housing for exceptional wearing comfort. Carat models are rechargeable and compatible with our latest hearing aid remote controls and apps, including the easyTek™, easyTek™ App, and touchControl™ App, for the utmost in convenience and discretion. A rocker switch allows you to make quick program or volume adjustments manually. They contain our most advanced BestSound™ Technology for a superior binaural listening experience. Directional microphones enable you to focus on conversation in the most challenging environments, and a telecoil allows you to connect to induction loops in public facilities for direct streaming of speech, soundtracks, or music. Carat A models are Direct Audio Input (DAI)-ready to connect to FM systems that stream sound directly into your ears. Carat’s tinnitus therapy feature helps you manage the irritating symptoms of tinnitus. Both models are resistant to moisture, sweat, dirt and dust. With Carat, you’ll be able to enjoy every facet of life.

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