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I was visiting from Palm Springs when my right hearing aid stopped working. I changed the battery and filter but that didn't help (Oticon hearing aids). I called this office and they said come right in. They changed the receiver and in five minutes I was out of there with a working hearing aid...and they found out it was under charge. Great service. I wish they were my regular provider.

Jack H.


Wow bringing customer service to a new level. Called like 5 or 6 different different audiologists and Gary was one of the most helpful. They do a free screening and he also told me cleaning out my ear wax if needed would only be $10. He is very knowledgeable and was GREATLY helpful.People who are selfless and focus on giving more than on selling their product or service should always be recognized. Looking forward to meeting him & his team.

John K.


I took my mom here because she has tinnitus in her right ear. This doctor did a thorough exam and identified some hearing loss in her right ear. He made recommendations to see her primary health provider - Kaiser - to avoid unnecessary costs. We are on the right track now!

Vera R.


Excellent care and care of patients with hearing impairment, including full support when there is a need for repair or replacement of hearing aids. Highly recommended place and nice attention from those who work there.

Manuel Guillén


Gary Cote has provided thoughtful advice and help in fitting my hearing aids. I want to thank him for his work and professionalism.

Carl Finch


Thank you South Bay Hearing & Balance Inc for all the hearing care you have provided for myself and my husband Earl. We cannot thank you enough.

Willa Patterson

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