Levo System


The Levo system is patented, FDA-cleared software platform designed to reduce tinnitus through personalized sound therapy. Once the system identifies the frequency and intensity of each patient’s tinnitus through a series of interactive exercises, a unique sound is created to customize tinnitus therapy for use while you sleep.

Grounded in the neuroscientific field of cortical plasticity, and based on the brain’s ability to remodel itself, this new sound interacts with a patient’s neural activity so that new connections are built and the sounds of tinnitus are no longer “heard.”

Using the Levo System at night allows patients to leverage the brain’s natural ability to diminish the effects of tinnitus over time.

How does the levo system work?

On your initial visit, your hearing professional will discuss your therapy options and administer a TFI test to help decide if the Levo System is the right therapy for you.

On your next visit, you will receive your Levo Patient System and your hearing professional will help you perform a Sound Match to map your unique tinnitus sound.

Using the Levo Patient System while sleeping for three months and then as needed, your brain should gradually habituate to your unique tinnitus sound.

What Makes the Levo System UNIQUE?

  • Specifically designed to be used during sleep when the brain is especially responsive to cortical habituation
  • Designed to identify each patient’s unique tinnitus sound to allow for customized therapy
  • Provides a system for a Health Care provider (as well as friends and family) to hear the tinnitus sounds the patient hears
  • Has FDA clearance, CE mark, CSA certification and ISO 13485 2013 Edition
  • Has unique software platform to tracks patient use and response to therapy as a means to ensure that target goals are met
  • Software platform integrates the Tinnitus Functional Index to measure and monitor tinnitus impact

What is Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI)?

The Tinnitus Functional Index (or TFI) is exclusively integrated within the Levo System. Developed as a collaborative effort among researchers and clinicians to develop a standard questionnaire, the TFI is an evaluation that measures the level of negative impact tinnitus has on a patient. It can also be used pre and post sound therapy to determine changes as a response to therapy.

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