Oticon Dynamo

Power your brain.

Oticon Dynamo

Power your brain

If you are very hard of hearing, you know all too well there’s a long way from hearing sounds to making sense of them. Even with a “powerful” hearing aid, critical high frequency sounds are often lost, making it hard to catch the meaning. Developed for people with severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon Dynamo hearing aids fill in the missing speech details so that you understand more and can stay in the conversation.

General Features

  • Making high frequency sounds audible

    Thanks to Oticon’s innovative Speech Rescue™ technology, Dynamo takes the high frequencies that often go lost – such as ‘s’ and ‘th’ sounds – and moves them to a lower frequency range that you can hear. As a result, your brain gets access to the full spectrum of sounds, rescuing speech cues that would otherwise be lost and giving you a more complete sound experience.

    More speech details than ever before

    Capturing as many speech details as possible and being able to experience variations in voices, speech intensity and distance, is essential to speech understanding. Speech Rescue works in combination with Oticon’s advanced compression system, Speech Guard E, to improve speech understanding by giving you more speech details than ever before.

    No more annoying feedback

    Tired of whistling sounds when you give hugs or talk on the phone? Oticon Dynamo hearing aids give you maximum hearing power without compromising on sound quality, thanks in large part to our Inium Sense feedback shieldSP. This new and effective feedback control system lets you enjoy everyday life without worrying about annoying – and sometimes embarrassing – whistling.

    A companion to count on

    Built on decades of hearing aid leadership, Dynamo is as reliable as it is powerful. You can count on it to keep working for you – 24 hours a day, in any weather, and no matter how active a lifestyle you lead.

    The telephone like never before

    As vital as telephones are for keeping you in touch with loved ones, they present major challenges if you’re hard of hearing. Oticon ConnectLine solves the problem by connecting your phone straight to your Dynamo hearing aids via wireless technology. ConnectLine is very easy to use, and the clarity of sound it delivers will transform your telephone experience. You also use ConnectLine with your television, music players and computer.

    Sound tailored to your needs

    If your hearing is severely impaired, it’s only natural that you’ll know your hearing aid well and be used to the way it sounds. In fact, advances that can make a genuine difference often go unnoticed when people try a new device, because it takes time for the brain to adjust itself to take advantage of new enhancements.

    With Dynamo, there’s no need to stick with an outdated hearing aid when significant improvements are at hand. Oticon’s unique BrainHearing technology is designed to make you adjust more easily to your new hearing aids by helping you make better sense of sound. With YouMatic, the personalisation tool used with Oticon Dynamo, you can have sound tailored to your personal listening preferences and needs. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to adapt to a new, enriched sound and gives you a more natural listening experience.

  • Features Description
    Speech Rescue High frequency sounds such as “s” and “th” are critical to improved speech understanding, and Speech Rescue™ is a breakthrough Oticon technology that “rescues” these sounds for your brain to hear. It works by creating copies of the high frequency sounds and “pasting” them into a lower frequency range, where you can hear them. Unlike similar technologies, Speech Rescue™ leaves the original details in place and positions the copy into unoccupied space in the frequency range for unrivalled fidelity and clarity.
    Speech Guard E Once the softer consonants ‘s’, ‘th’ and other critical high frequency sounds have been rescued by Speech Rescue™, our proven Speech Guard E compression technology steps in to deliver just the right amplification while preserving the natural dynamic nuances of speech. Together, Speech Rescue and Speech Guard E will help you perceive speech more clearly throughout the day and make it easier for your brain to decode what people are saying, even in noisy environments.
    YouMatic Premium The way you hear and interpret sound is as unique to you as your DNA. Dynamo’s YouMatic Premium personalisation tool lets you and your hearing care professional tailor the sound of your Dynamo hearing aid to your own individual needs and preferences. At Oticon, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.
    Inium Sense feedback shield Feedback in a hearing aid is annoying and can stand in the way of speech understanding and communication. Carefully optimised for severe to profound hearing loss, the Inium Sense feedback shieldSP in your Dynamo hearing aid keeps you protected from unwanted whistling and squealing, without compromising clarity and sound quality.
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