Oticon Intiga

Immediate acceptance, immediate benefits.

Oticon Intiga

Immediate acceptance, immediate benefits

Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution compared to behind-the-ear hearing solutions with binaural processing and streaming capabilities. Intiga isn’t just another hearing instrument. It challenges the belief that getting used to amplification is a lengthy, demanding process. By delivering immediate acceptance and immediate benefits, Intiga makes the transition to wearing instruments – particularly for first-time users – a seamless, positive experience.

General Features

  • Making Intiga easy to accept

    Everything about Intiga has been tailored to maximise user enjoyment and minimise the time and effort required to adapt to the world of amplified sound.

    Discreetness – signed, sealed and delivered

    Subtle cosmetics and fully-automated sound processing make Intiga virtually invisible for the user and everyone else! The way it hides well behind the ear and the almost invisible receiver wire and ergonomically shaped speaker ensure fitting comfort and retention throughout the day. The hearing instrument’s surface is smooth and unbroken with no push buttons to attract attention.

    Intiga performs Oticon’s finest sound quality

    In Intiga, advanced, wireless binaural processing supports the way the brain is supposed to process sound. It’s about making voices easy to distinguish and conversations easy to follow – both face-to-face and over the phone. And about adding valuable depth and detail to films, TV programmes and music

  • Core technologies

    Features Description
    Speech Guard Speech Guard aims to preserve them. When sound levels are stable, no major adjustments are made. But any sudden changes will provoke an immediate response. The result is a more natural perception of speech and other sounds – even in complex auditory environments.
    Spatial Sound Intiga utilises a combination of advanced technologies to protect the delicate acoustical properties of the original sound signal – a benefit we call Spatial Sound. Extended bandwidth captures precious, high frequency details. Wireless binaural technology supports the natural teamwork of two good ears. And well ventilated RITE earpieces allow a mixture of natural and amplified sound.
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intelligent decision-making systems are designed to apply just the right combination of signal processing technologies to provide the best signal for the particular user. All the relevant details are preserved – and noise is kept to a minimum – without the need for user intervention.
    Improved Speaker System Intiga’s brand new speaker system delivers both high comfort and optimal functionality. The improved shaping, softer wire and greater length variety ensure increased retention, stronger cosmetic appeal and more individualised fitting.
    ConnectLine ConnectLine makes phones/TVs easier to use. When wearing hearing instruments, activities such as using the phone and watching TV can be difficult. Phones can make your instruments whistle, and the TV sound gets mixed up with surrounding sounds. Oticon ConnectLine telephone and TV adapters help you bypass these problems by sending the signal straight to your ears. This fully integrated system is easy to control via the Oticon Streamer remote control unit.
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