Phonak Audéo V

Wear them. Love them. Forget them.

Phonak Audéo V

Phonak Audéo V hearing aids not only provide exceptional speech understanding and comfort but also appeal to your individual style and preferences. A modern, sleek design, four models, and four performance levels for every budget. The feather-light and slim Audéo V – strengthened with high-tech composite materials for more robustness – sits comfortably behind your ear. You will forget they are even there.

Optimal support in the most challenging listening situations, great sound quality and a discreet, modern design.

  • So small that it virtually disappears behind the ear
  • Choice of styles at different price levels
  • An option to help manage tinnitus

General Features

  • Communicate easily, anywhere, with everyone

    Understanding, interacting, and engaging in conversation are what connect you with loved ones, colleagues and to the world around you. Audéo V hearing aids focus on speech understanding, comfort, ease-of-use, and are tailored to give you the listening experiences you desire.

    Unique to Phonak, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ enables two Audéo V hearing aids to send speech from one ear to the other – as if your hearing aids were talking to each other. This leading-edge technology provides better speech understanding in even the most challenging listening environments. Be it in a noisy restaurant, or taking a stroll outdoors.

    The universal language of music

    Music is like a world of its own. It speaks a universal language that touches your emotions. Audéo V gives you back the pleasure of music to enjoy the now, or reminisce about past experiences and special occasions.

    Less effort, more ease

    The abundance of sounds in life can be tiring, requiring constant concentration and great listening effort. Every day you move between many different listening situations. The sophisticated operating system in Audéo V hearing aids will adapt to your precise environment. They will, for example, recognize when you are in a noisy cafe and activate the “Comfort in Noise” program. If you then start a conversation, they will not switch completely into the “Speech in Noise” program but blend the two to precisely match your listening environment.

  • Features Description
    AutoSense OS Seamlessly fits to your changing listening environment. AutoSense OS accurately captures the precise listening environment you are in to provide you with a comfortable, seamless listening experience throughout your day.
    Speech in Loud Noise Extracts the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd. When noise reaches a level that makes understanding one person in a crowd difficult, StereoZoom is automatically activated, allowing you to focus on the voice you want to hear.
    Speech in 360° Understand speech from any direction. Automatically selects the direction of speech and sends this speech signal from one ear to the other, improving speech intelligibility without the need to face the speaker.
    Speech in Wind Enjoy conversations even on a windy day. When wearing hearing aids wind noise interferes with speech understanding and listening comfort. The Speech in Wind feature enhances your ability to understand speech well, even when the wind is blowing.
  • Phonak EasyCall II

    The Phonak EasyCall connects hearing aids wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. It binaurally streams the phone call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

    Phonak DECT II

    The Phonak DECT II is the ideal phone for use both at home or in a small office. The phone signal is streamed wirelessly to both hearing aids simultaneously. This provides unmatched sound quality and great understanding.

    Phonak Conversation Set

    The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II Bluetooth streamer, combined with the RemoteMic, transmits a distant speaker’s voice directly to both hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 meters (66 ft).

    Phonak Entertainment Set

    TVLink II, combined with ComPilot II provides high quality stereo sound directly to both hearing aids when watching TV or listening to music. 24 hours continuous streaming time and 30 meters range.

    Phonak RemoteControl App

    The Phonak RemoteControl App offers advanced remote control functions for Phonak Venture hearing aids and configuration options for Phonak streamers using a smartphone. This app is available for Android and iOS.

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