Phonak CROS

Unique Versatility. Enhanced Esthetics. EasyFit.

Phonak CROS

For individuals with unaidable hearing loss on one side and better hearing on the other, there has never been a truly satisfying CROS solution. Until now, that is. Phonak CROS finally provides the solution hearing care professionals and clients have been asking for.


The audio signal from the unaidable ear is sent wirelessly, in real time, from the transmitter to the receiver hearing instrument in the better ear. Robust wireless transmission ensures interference-free hearing. The beauty of this technology is that there is no need for any additional internal or external components, making Phonak CROS a sophisticated, small and lightweight solution.


To address clients’ listening, comfort and usability needs, CROS/BiCROS wearers will experience amazing features such as SoundFlow, Real Ear Sound and QuickSync. Thanks to Spice technology, BiCROS wearers will also have access to outstanding sound quality and intelligibility with a host of impressive features including UltraZoom with SNR-Boost, SoundRecover and FlexControl. Phonak CROS enables clients to enjoy hearing from both sides - giving them a truly delightful hearing experience.

General Features

  • Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology®

    It has always been our mission to improve the understanding of speech in challenging listening environments. With each new platform we have provided solutions that have helped to eliminate more and more challenges. Our unique ability to stream the full audio bandwidth in real time bi-directionally has led to hallmark features like StereoZoom and ZoomControl. With Phonak Quest we are making another

    Unique Versatility

    Unique Versatility Phonak CROS is superbly versatile. It can be mixed and matched with any wireless Phonak Quest and Spice+ hearing instrument, at three performance levels. The choice for CROS/BiCROS clients has never been so extensive.

    Easy Fit

    The beauty of Phonak Target™ fitting software is that it supports your fitting workflow. You will be pleased to learn just how easy it is to fit Phonak CROS to suit these challenging clients.

    Phonak CROS fitting range

    Fitting range of a receiving ear with normal hearing to a profound hearing loss.

    Styles & Colors

    Enhanced Aesthetics

    Whether in an award-winning housing or in a small custom shell, Phonak CROS virtually disappears when placed on or in the ear. A delightful color range makes Phonak CROS especially appealing.

    WaterResistant - Phonak CROS H2O

    Housed in the popular M H2O style, this CROS transmitter meets the industry’s highest standards for water and dust resistance. Together with a WaterResistant BTE or RIC on the better ear, it is the first ever WaterResistant CROS system.

  • The main challenge of developing a sophisticated CROS solution is integrating the input from the Phonak CROS Transmitter while keeping important benefits. Thanks to the latest Spice technology, Phonak CROS boasts a wealth of impressive features which address clients’ listening comfort and usability needs.


    Traditionally, CROS/BiCROS solutions did not offer the benefits of automatic functionality. Phonak CROS offers full access to the industry benchmark - SoundFlow. This multi-base automatic program seamlessly adapts and integrates the right set of parameters and sound cleaning features to ensure optimal listening for every sound environment. The streamed signal from the Phonak CROS Transmitter and the hearing instrument signal undergo the same SoundFlow signal processing. Both signals are simultaneously optimized to the changing environment in real time.

    Real Ear Sound

    Placing a device with an omnidirectional microphone behind the ear alters natural localization based on intensity and frequency cues. This is problematic for individuals with hearing in one ear who must rely only on monaural localization cues, as they already struggle to localize sounds. Real Ear Sound uses discrete high frequency directivity to simulate the effect of the unobstructed pinna. This benefit is now available, for the first time, to CROS/BiCROS wearers.


    Sophisticated, one-touch control adds convenience to manual adjustments and is an important option for many wearers. With one touch of the button on either the CROS transmitter or hearing instrument, QuickSync instantaneously synchronizes the volume or program settings. A Phonak CROS System can also be conveniently controlled remotely via myPilot or Phonak PilotOne.

    Signal alerts

    In the unlikely event of a connection interruption, a clear and distinct alert will be activated. In addition, separate battery status alerts for the Phonak CROS Transmitter and hearing instrument provide further security.


    Housed in the popular M13 or M H2O style, the Phonak CROS H2O meets the industry’s highest standards for water and dust resistance, IP67*. Together with a WaterResistant Quest or Spice+ BTE or RIC on the better ear, it is the first ever WaterResistant CROS system. Clients can now enjoy all around hearing delight, no matter what the activity.

    *Ingress Protection Rating

  • Phonak ComPilot Phonak PilotOne myPilot FM technology
    Phonak CROS Remote control function X X -
    Phonak CROS H2O Remote control function X X -
    Phonak CROS 312 Remote control function X X -
    Phonak CROS 13 Remote control function X X -
    Wireless Quest or Spice+ HI X X X X

    Phonak ComPilot - Phonak TVLink S

    Phonak ComPilot - the all-in-one accessory from Phonak

    The Phonak ComPilot brings together the accessibility of wireless connectivity, the convenience of a remote control and introduces for the first time VoiceAlerts all in one simple, attractive device. This multi-functional device, together with the Phonak TVLink S, turns myriad communication challenges into easily accessible listening delight.

    Phonak PilotOne

    PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control of the Phonak Spice Generation hearing instruments. This exclusive remote control was designed for maximum impact and ease of use. The clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it the most user-friendly remote control ever.


    The myPilot command center, with color display, is a great choice for clients who want a multi-featured remote control. It can be configured to be either menu-driven or with direct control, depending on the needs of each client.

  • Fitting that fits you

    Phonak Target™ was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a rewarding fitting experience from start to finish. Hearing care professionals around the world have overwhelmingly confirmed that we successfully met this objective. Now, we are pleased to introduce the next release, Phonak Target™ 2.0, the gateway to the complete Spice Generation Portfolio.

    Easy Fit

    The beauty of Phonak Target™ fitting software is that it supports your fitting workflow. You will be amazed just how easy it is to fit Phonak CROS to suit these challenging clients, who will be delighted with this groundbreaking new approach to CROS.

    The easy-to-use Phonak CROS desktop fitting guide is available for download. It guides you through how to fit a Phonak CROS to your clients resulting in a very positive fitting experience.

    iCube, the CableFree Fitting device

    iCube uses the wireless capabilities of Spice Generation and Core platform. This makes it easy to transfer fitting data from your PC, streaming it directly into the hearing instruments. The result: a fast, smooth and reliable CableFree fitting process.

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