Rexton Emerald 4c

Offering best-in-class directionality.

Rexton Emerald 4c

Offering best-in-class directionality, full wireless connectivity, rechargeability, and our newest QuadCore technology, Emerald 4c is perfect for any listener looking for a discreet and convenient hearing aid to keep them connected to their world, including their frequently-used digital devices.

General Features

  • Emerald S:

    Emerald S 4c is super small and discreet, while still being fully-featured with high performance, full flexibility, and full connectivity. It proves high-tech can come in a small package.

    Emerald M:

    Emerald M 4c is our rechargeable connectivity expert — perfect for listeners looking for the best in performance and staying connected. You can enjoy long streaming sessions without worries about battery life, while enjoying all the benefits of QuadCore’s industry-leading feature set.

    At a glance:

    NEW! QuadCore Technology Up to 40 channels of premium noise reduction Lightweight, comfortable, and colorful IP67-rated to resist water, dirt, and sweat Rechargeable Tech gadget friendly Advanced, hands-free phone and TV streaming Trouble-free operation, completely automatic Enhanced listening in challenging environments
  • With our powerful Emerald 4c models, we offer two hearing aids with the amplification and clarity to fit any listening need. Covering a broad fitting range for many degrees of hearing loss, virtually any listener can enjoy this optimum solution. Let’s take a look at the different features and listening benefits.

    Emerald 4c technology includes:

    QuadCore Audio Exchange Auto Directional iLock Microphone Pattern Adjustment (Manual Override) iFocus 360 Smart Automatic Environment Manager Smart Automatic Equalizer HD Microphone HD Directionality - 4c HD Bandwidth Bandwidth Compression QuadCore Wind Noise Cancellation Smart Automatic Acclimatization QuadCore Feedback Preventer QuadCore Automatic Noise Reduction Smart Connect Smart Remote Smart Phone Apps - iOS & Android Smart Power Charger Secure Tec - IP 67 Rating