Unitron Max

Over-amplification is over.

Unitron Max

The Unitron Max is the newest weapon for your arsenal in the fight against severe hearing loss. As a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid, the Max offers comfort and stability wedded to its cutting edge technology. The Max perfectly connects to all of your electronics with Bluetooth for an easy transfer between devices.

General Features

  • The Max brilliantly creates a seamless sound. With technology that minimizes loud sudden noises and eliminates feedback and whistling, this hearing aid also emphasizes speech clarity and noise comfort in even the most challenging listening situations.

    The Max specializes in its ease of use. When moving between various listening situations, AutoPro transitions to ensure a comfortable listening experience. The AutoPro automatic program optimizes settings for three categories of listening environments: quiet or just speech, speech with background noise, and intense noise. Also, with Binaural Phone you can hear a phone conversation in not just one but both ears, increasing your ability to hear and participate in phone conversations while DuoLink allows your hearing aids to communicate with each other so that changes to volume or program selection on one side can be automatically applied to both ears.

    Complete with a three year warranty, the Max is a powerful new tool against hearing loss.

  • E 6 20
    TV Integration - Bluetooth
    Speech Enhancement - Noise Reduction
    Feedback Cancellation
    Water Resistant
    Channels 6 6 20
    Listening Programs 2 2 4
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