Hearing in Noise.


Harmonious balance of price, user lifestyle considerations and sophisticated technology

AIKIA offers a harmonious balance of price, user lifestyle considerations and sophisticated technology of the Widex renowned high quality.

Detailed Sound Analysis. Makes a precise and detailed analysis of the client’s listening environments. It is only through this exact analysis that the sound can be optimally processed to match the user’s specific profile. Flexible Sound Processing. Consists of several unique features that help ensure improved hearing in noise. The central purpose is to keep as much of the speech signal above threshold and as much of the noise signal below threshold sa possible. Automatic System Optimiser. Consists of a series of unique features that allow you to offer your client excellent performance. No system is allowed to fail or come out of alignment.

General Features

  • With AIKIA from Widex you can relax while your hearing aid does the work.

    Listening in noisy environments such as at a dinner party or in a café can be a challenge even at the best of times. AIKIA lets you hold a conversation easily - even when several people are talking at once, and even in noisy environments.

    AIKIA also adapts automatically to each situation you find yourself in. Distant sounds, which can be hard to hear, are enhanced, while soft speech sounds become audible again. So you will never have to strain to hear.

    And as part of the Inteo family, AIKIA has of course superb sound.

  • Detailed Sound Analysis

    10 bands Sound Diary with data logging Spatial feedback tracer Speech and noise tracer S/N ratio tracer Spatial sound tracer

    Flexible Sound Processing

    10 channels AIKIA™ Locator Active feedback cancelling Speech Intensification System (Widex classic noise reduction with SIS) Enhanced Dynamic Range Compression (EDRC)

    Automatic System Optimiser

    Multi-point microphone matching EcoTech II Listening programs Sensogram iP5

    Personal match

    RC3 remote control (optional) Improved EMI immunity Coloured housings
  • Styles

    Widex AIKIA Styles
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