Widex BABY

Designed for babies.

Widex BABY

Designed for babies

WIDEX BABY440 is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies. Small and comfortable to wear, it gives babies access to the important sounds vital in learning to talk.

General Features

  • For babies, hearing plays a crucial role in the way they develop their language and the way they interpret the world. They hear sounds – particularly their parents’ voices – from the moment they are born. So for babies with a hearing loss, it is vital that they are given the chance to get the most out of their hearing as early as possible. This is why Widex has designed a hearing aid specifically for babies. WIDEX BABY440 is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies.

    It’s incredibly small and comfortable to wear so your baby will hardly notice it. It’s light so they can wear it for longer periods of time. It’s designed using strong and tough materials so it can withstand heavy use.

    And of course it features all the latest Widex sound technology so your baby can get the best possible natural sound. This is very important as babies hear sounds - particularly their parents’ voices - from the moment they are born. WIDEX BABY440 gives them access to as many important sounds as possible. This is vital for them when learning language.

    WIDEX BABY440 may be small but it is packed with ground-breaking technology that provides your baby with the ultimate sound. And because of its miniature size, WIDEX BABY440 fits perfectly on small ears. As it is designed using light yet tough materials, you can rest assured that it sits securely and comfortably all day long.

    More Sounds, Better Sounds

    What is special about WIDEX BABY440 is the way it makes more sounds audible for babies compared to traditional hearing aids. This means that they are exposed to a broad range of sounds. For example, soft sounds such as whispering can be heard clearly, while loud sounds such as traffic or television are heard but are never uncomfortably loud. And with WIDEX BABY440 hearing aids, babies can get access to these sounds all day long.

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    Hearing your voice Babies who are hearing impaired often have difficulties hearing high frequency sounds in their mother's voice or those of other children. With its advanced technology, WIDEX BABY440 can actually let babies hear important sounds like these that they would not otherwise hear.
    No annoying whistling WIDEX BABY440 is designed to detect whistling and stop it before it becomes audible. So you can relax and hold your baby close to you, or let them move around freely without the annoying sound of whistling.
    Speech, not noise Babies are exposed to a world full of fantastic sounds. But it is also a world full of noise. WIDEX BABY440 detects and reduces unwanted noise in your baby’s listening environment, letting them better understand you when you speak.
    Play as they listen The world for babies is about exploring, learning and listening. WIDEX BABY440 lets babies hear sounds from all directions no matter whether in quiet or noisy environments. This means that they can play or interact no matter what the situation.
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