Natural sound wirelessly.


Natural sound wirelessly

CLEAR is Widex’ wireless hearing aid family. Thanks to our unique wireless technology, CLEAR hearing aids communicate with each other instantly to give you clear, detailed and above all, natural sound. And with a range of wireless accessories, you can get even more out of CLEAR.

General Features

  • Want to hear natural sound? Our new wireless hearing aid family, CLEAR, lets you hear as close to natural sound as possible.

    CLEAR hearing aids can communicate wirelessly with each other - just like two ears do. This means that all the functions in your hearing aids are adjusted instantly depending on your listening environment. So even when you’re going from soft sounds to louder sounds, the hearing aids work to help you hear clearly.

    CLEAR also meets the challenge of hearing from different directions. It is the only Widex hearing aid that lets you focus on sound in selected directions without turning your head – very helpful if you’re driving, for example.

    And combined with a unique range of our DEX wireless accessories, some of the more difficult listening situations, such as watching television, listening to music or using your cell phone, are made easier. The DEX devices are compatible with all models across the CLEAR family.

    There are CLEAR models and styles to suit all types of hearing loss and in several price segments.

  • FUSION hearing aids are wireless and can communicate with each other, and with other Widex DEX assistive listening devices to provide high-fidelity sound. FUSION hearing aids offer 3D TruSound which captures and preserves the naturalness of sounds — including speech! 3D TruSound works to provide exceptional hearing in quiet and in noise — and manages changes between different listening environments both seamlessly and naturally.

    FUSION hearing aids clear up common questions!

    Do you have difficulty listening to conversations?

    FUSION hearing aids offer exceptional hearing of soft and distant speech — and they provide excellent hearing in quiet and difficult listening situations, like restaurants. FUSION's Advanced High Definition Locator is like having 15 microphones in one hearing aid, each adjusting continuously to optimize how you hear sounds around you.

    Do you have trouble hearing on the phone?

    FUSION hearing aids offer a helpful feature called Phone Plus. This feature transmits phone signals wirelessly between the hearing aids you are wearing. This means you can hold either a cell phone or a landline phone up to one ear and listen to the conversation in BOTH ears! A great benefit whenever you are having a phone conversation.

    Do you have trouble hearing high-pitched sounds like a young child's voice?

    FUSION hearing aids offer an Audibility Extender that works to help you hear high-pitched sounds you may not have heard in years.

    Do you wish you could hear more details in music?

    FUSION hearing aids offer a ClearBand System that produces high-fidelity sound. In addition to these outstanding features, FUSION also offers the InterEarTM ZEN Program — a Widex-only patented InterEar program for relaxation and tinnitus management, a Lost Partner Alarm, reduced wind noise due to a new, nano-coated weather-resistant microphone cover, and up to 5 customized listening programs.

    Indications for Use:

    The ZEN Program is intended to provide a relaxing sound background for adults (21 years and older) who desire to listen to such a background in quiet. It may be used as a sound therapy tool in a tinnitus treatment program that is prescribed by a licensed hearing healthcare professional (audiologists, hearing aid specialists, otolaryngologists) who is trained in tinnitus management.

  • Features Description
    Clear and natural sound Thanks to the revolutionary wireless technology in CLEAR, your hearing aids can communicate with each other instantly and without delay. This works to give you a clear and detailed sound that is as close to natural as possible. Even in noisy environments.
    Locate and focus on sound from any direction It can often be a challenge determining which direction sounds come from. CLEAR actually helps you in locating the direction of the sound. Very helpful if you’re sitting at a dinner party and want to focus on one particular person’s conversation, for example.
    Clear speech CLEAR helps you distinguish between noise and speech. At a dinner party for example, CLEAR makes it easier for you to single out someone speaking against a background of noise.
    Partner alarm The wireless technology in CLEAR ensures that your hearing aids are always connected to each other. But if for some reason connection is lost, you are alerted immediately by a beep sound and an LED light.
    Enjoy music or TV By combining CLEAR with our assistive listening devices, you can enjoy watching television (without any echo), listening to music or using your cell phone - all completely wirelessly.
    Reduced wind noise Disturbance from wind noise is a common challenge for all hearing aid users. The CLEAR FUSION model features a new and improved microphone cover that significantly reduces wind noise.
    Phone calls in both hearing aids The CLEAR440 and CLEAR330 FUSION and 9 models have a new function called Phone+ (Phone Plus) that transmits phone signals from one hearing aid to the other without delay. This means that you can hear mobile and landline phone calls in both hearing aids without the use of extra devices.
  • Styles

    Widex CLEAR Styles


    CLEAR440 C4-FS CLEAR440 C4-FS
    CLEAR440 C4-PA CLEAR440 C4-PA
    CLEAR440 C4-m CLEAR440 C4-m
    CLEAR440 C4-9 CLEAR440 C4-9
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The high-end CLEAR440 series comes with an incredibly wide range of features designed to give users a natural sound experience. Zen, the revolutionary tone and relaxation program, plays random and harmonic tones in stereo to help you relax or help you manage tinnitus. And with the FreeFocus feature, you can focus on sound in selected directions - front, back, left and right - without having to turn your head.


The mid-range CLEAR330 series gives you clear sound of high quality. Unwanted sounds are treated to ensure clarity and comfort of sound, while short and abrupt sounds are softened. And because CLEAR330 hearing aids can communicate with each other, any potential feedback or whistling is dealt with quickly in both ears.


The CLEAR220 series offers you wireless hearing aids at a more affordable price. It helps you experience a world of natural sound no matter what the situation. Hearing high frequency sounds, such as birds chirping and music, is easier - as is speech, as CLEAR220 moves otherwise inaudible sounds down to where you can better understand them.