Widex Inteo

Tailor Made Sound.

Widex Inteo

The Inteo series provides a truly tailor-made listening experience

Inteo utilises a unique Integrated Signal ProcessingTM (ISP) scheme where no single process functions independently of the others. The integration of the user’s preferences and interlacing of new advanced technologies secure the user:

Positive effect on speech intelligibility in background noise Awareness of environmental sounds Personalised listening comfort in all sound environments

General Features

  • Inteo from Widex was the first hearing aid to truly focus on the user. Put simply, Inteo provides you with a unique listening experience.

    It responds not just to your particular hearing loss but to all your hearing needs and preferences, as well as the listening environment you find yourself in.

    To do this, Inteo treats the sound coming into the hearing aid in a unique way. It is as if your hearing aid has a control centre where all information about you and your immediate listening situation is gathered and assessed. Then it is corrected according to your specific needs and preferences before the sound is allowed to reach your ears.

    This way, it can actually deliver sound that is tailor-made for you.

  • Style Occasion
    The Dynamic Integrator The core of the Inteo series: integration and storage of knowledge and tailor-made signal processing.
    High definition sound analysis A standard for sound analysis: Sound Diary, Speech and noise tracer, S/N ratio tracer, Spatial sound tracer, Spatial feedback tracer.
    High definition sound processing Incorporating all of the sound processing schemes in Inteo resulting in correctly tailored sound for the individual user.
    High definition system optimiser A unique system ensuring optimum functionality for the individual user in all instances.
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