Virtually invisible.


Virtually invisible

Passion hearing aids are stylish and incredibly small and prove that advanced technology can also look good. Passion has won international acclaim for its intelligent combination of modern technology and ergonomic design.

General Features

  • Passion, one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, proves that advanced technology can also look good. Ultra-small, incredibly comfortable to wear, stylish and discreet - Passion is all these.

    How do we do this? Well, the receiver, or loudspeaker, in Passion is placed in the ear canal itself with the rest of the hearing aid behind the ear. In that way we can radically reduce the size while at the same time providing you with everything you’d expect from a Widex hearing aid.

    For example, you can enjoy our harmonic sound program, Zen, which plays a choice of soothing tones and chimes to help you relax.

    And the unique feedback cancelling system in Passion helps minimise annoying whistling.

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    More sound Despite its size, Passion gives you superior sound. Using a range of advanced technology, Passion helps make inaudible sounds audible again, and minimises feedback so you can hear natural sound.
    Less noise Hearing against background noise is always challenging. With Passion’s sophisticated noise reduction system, you can concentrate less on noise and more on sounds you want to hear, no matter where they come from.
    Attention to detail Passion is so cleverly designed that it’s virtually invisible but still contains enough technology to rival larger hearing aids.
    Colourful and flexible Not only is Passion available in a range of twelve vibrant colours, but the grids covering the microphones can also be changed.
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Ultra-small and high-performance - with a mix of exciting design and incredible technology.


The ultimate in discretion, comfort and style, combined with exclusive Widex technology.


A great mid-range solution that provides great sound and features.


High-quality technology and stylish design in the value segment.