Hearing in Noise.


New horizons in hearing

The WIDEX UNIQUE™ hearing aid is loaded with all-new features, including improved A/D convertors for incredibly wide input range, a sound classifier for intelligent listening and the Wind Noise Attenuation system that dramatically reduces wind noise, leading to an SNR improvemet of 8.4 dB. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and UNIQUE takes precision and performance to a completely new level in the way.

General Features

  • Captures more sound

    WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from the loud to the very quiet. No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.

    Pure, clean sound

    Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds and maintain useful soft sounds (such as quiet speech). And when you’re outdoors, UNIQUE significantly reduces wind noise, no matter what the conditions.

    Anywhere, anytime

    WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids cleverly and quickly adapt to any situation you find yourself in. So you can easily separate speech from noise. And enjoy supreme sound in any environment.

    Enjoy an incredible 108db dynamic range

    A supreme sound experience requires a high dynamic range to have as few artifacts as possible. In UNIQUE, we have increased the input dynamic range so that it can deliver up to 113dB SPL linearly and lowered the noise floor to 5dB SPL- so users can hear important soft sounds but also louder sounds without distortion. The key to this are the four A/D converters in UNIQUE.

    Industry-leading noise reduction

    For many clients, hearing in windy conditions is one of the biggest challenges they face. UNIQUE solves this with the Wind Noise Attenuation system, proven to provide better performance. And our powerful Soft Level Noise Reduction system ensures that important soft sounds are maintained for users, while unwanted soft sounds are removed.

    Significantly improved sound in any environment

    A sophisticated sound classification system in UNIQUE divides listening environments into distinct sound classes to better suit each wearer’s own sound situation.

  • UNIQUE is available in four Behind-the-ear (BTE) models and three In-the-ear (ITE) models. Your hearing care professional can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

    All UNIQUE models are available in a wide range of stylish colors to suit all tastes. You can choose between 15 different colors for BTE models and three standard colors for ITE models.

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